My mission is to guide you into your very own flow;
to leave the struggle and the fight behind.


You don’t know if you can keep going through life settling for less than you want, allowing others expectations to control you and hiding your light from the world.  Haven’t you had enough of the “normal” and mundane existence?

You’ve been stuck in this soul-crushing vortex for long enough.

You’ve invested in every item that’s come your way promising just the thing to make you look and feel younger, healthy and vibrant.   “Erase this wrinkle and tuck that roll and you’ll have the life of your dreams!”

You still can’t catch a break because at the core of it all, if you’re honest, you don’t like yourself and no magic pill, potion or surgery can change that.  That my sister, comes from within.

If you’ve ever dreamt of re-inventing everything and emerging as a vibrant, healthy woman completely connected to herself, without worrying about what others think or say about you.

Whether you‘re someone who feels invisible and not valued by those around you, a mom who let perceived obligations take precedence over her own happiness, or a woman who just knows “there has to be more.”

I am Tracey Bethune and I’m here to help.


I’m an old soul, a business owner, a mother and a spiritual teacher.  
I’ve been in the health/wellness industry for over 20 years.  

A decade of that was spent as a health/fitness coach and running my own gym.

During this time, I realized the issues that women were bringing to me, were seeded much deeper than the aesthetics my clients were trying to achieve.  From this experience, I learned that women have been woefully unsupported through each phase and change in our lives.

Generational beliefs and patterns, religion and societal expectations began to turn women against one another in some sort of competition where no one wins, but all women lose.  We became isolated in our own communities, disconnected from ourselves, and we abandoned our inner guidance.  Even as a child, all the women around me were the backbone of everything and yet, they were used, looked over and cast aside after their “useful” years.  It was confusing, hurtful and even at that young age I knew something was disastrously wrong.

I’ve spent my entire life rebelling, seeking and experimenting to discover what I truly was; to find my purpose in life and prove my worth and value.   Coaching is my God given gift.  I was born into my family and overcame lots of struggles, because it prepared me for my work.  I spent all those years in the health and wellness field, because I needed to understand, gain empathy and uncover the truth behind the stories.   


My findings?  I never had to prove anything to anyone.  All I needed was already within me, just as it is within you.  I realized that I had these abilities since inception to be the creator of my own life, to live it on my terms and shape my destiny.  This awakening gave me life and deeper purpose.

Now, I have channeled all of that experience into coaching programs for women, just like you, who are READY to heal their wounds and navigate the rite of passage into the Wise Woman or Crone with grace, compassion, confidence and some fire.

Well-behaved women rarely make history. - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Me, you and our sisters are creatures of wisdom, gifts, talents and immense inner power.

When you work with me, you can expect a true partner on your journey to becoming a Wise Woman; to be honored, held in a space of love and fully supported as you reclaim your inner power.  You are compassionately held accountable.  I am invested in your happiness, because you deserve to experience the life you’ve always wanted and to reclaim your inner fire.

This is a journey through your inner workings, into your heart and stepping up into a mentorship role.  It’s having peace in your soul and living in complete personal freedom.


This is a journey through your inner workings, into your heart and stepping up into a mentorship role.  It’s having peace in your soul and living in complete personal freedom.

Work with me

As a life coach, my philosophy, is that you are whole, you were born with a unique gift and talent that was to be used to help the world progress and expand consciousness.  You’re here to help with the awakening in some manner.  You’ve overcome obstacles, have gained hard-earned knowledge and can provide immense support to the younger generations.

The only way you can do that is by surrendering to your divine feminine and listening to her guidance.

You must rediscover your sensuality and sexuality without shame.  You must rediscover the playfulness in life and be daring enough to let Love be your guiding force in all your interactions without fear.

You must understand the universal laws that govern this world and how to use and apply them to your life or you will be forever in the great struggle.

As your coach I will help you:

Have certainty in the way the universe works and show you how to harness that power and have it work for you and your dreams…

Create a self-care practice that is permanent, so you feel at home in your own body…

Become part of a community of other Wise Women and Crones who are waiting with open arms to welcome you home…

Reclaim your divine feminine power …

Free yourself from societal nonsense…

To courageously lead and mentor in a capacity that fills your heart to overflowing.


I know that this journey is uncomfortable.
There is fear and you really aren’t sure what to do with yourself.
All you know is you have a restlessness that can’t be contained, something has to change and it has to happen now.

When I found Tracey, I was dealing with adrenal fatigue, was perimenopausal and was drowning in self-pity and overwhelm. I felt dead inside and I hated myself. During our time together, I gained a new outlook on life, became confident trusting my intuition and began living in abundance instead thinking life was out to get me. I was able to open myself up and be vulnerable. I began showing up in life the way I wanted to. I’m having fun and going to dinner with friends again, I’m learning to take care of and love my body. The BEST gift Tracey has given me are the changes I am seeing in my children, because of the changes in myself. Now I have hope. I see things much clearer and I’ve even started my own blog. Tracey opened the door to a world I never knew existed for me! 

Samantha Hatcher

CEO of, mother of 6

There are two elements of Tracey’s life coaching that I especially appreciated: personal connection and the coaching around finances.  Tracey continually checked in with me and tailored activities to my own needs. I felt like I was receiving instruction from a trusted mentor and that instruction within relationship made all the difference!

Finances is an area of need that I was previously unaware of and Tracey’s coaching really supported me in tackling a tax issue we had as well as being more conscious and involved with the family finances. This alone will have life-long positive financial implications for my family and I. 

Jennifer Young

Grad student and mother of 3

I originally started working with Tracey to finish a book I’d been working on and launch my dreams of being a speaker. Tracey had me do some powerful exercises that aligned what I really wanted in my heart and soul and we found that it didn’t match up with what I thought I wanted. She helped me nail down what I really wanted; financial stability and a meaningful relationship. We also realized I’m fulfilled when I do home staging and organizing for people. With Tracey’s guidance, I got out of debt, got a marketing plan together for my home staging business and am learning to draw the relationship I want to me instead of chasing it. After every session with Tracey I feel super empowered and have a set plan of intentions and action steps. 

Rose Owens

Former Landmark Forum Leader, Home Staging and Organization Expert

I have always had a fear of charging what I’m worth for my services. Tracey’s coaching helped me embrace that I am very talented and capable. I have gained confidence knowing that others value my abilities and I am worthy of receiving a fair wage for my services. I now feel that I can do whatever I decide to do and accomplish all my goals. She’s always very positive and upbeat. There is a fine line between pushing and supporting and I think Tracey balances that ratio well. 

Susan Watters

The Angel Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Essential Oil Educator

When I started with Tracey over 7 years ago, I was actually a client in her gym. was one of the hardest steps I've ever willingly taken at that time. I was ashamed, embarrassed and depressed. My motto for a very long time was "Life is A Bitch - Then you Die!"  The negative ALWAYS came first and I never saw the good in my life.

Tracey talked to me about "my power" and I've recently realized just what exactly that is.  And I'm getting it back!  It's a hard pill to swallow to realize this at 50; that it has taken me this long.  I realized, I gave all my power away by allowing others to make choices for me, always trying to please others, and avoiding a conflict by giving in. I have come to realize all that does not matter!  Tracey has helped me realize when people lie, criticize, judge or 'lash out' at me that it's really not me they are doing this to. It's the other person struggling with their own problems.  Stop doing things so others will be happy - do what makes me happy!  Just be yourself people will either want to be around you or will not have nothing to do with you.  And that is OK!

I will be forever grateful for all Tracey has given me.  She made me feel powerful again.  Life IS worth living.  Life isn't about getting to the end it's about the journey.  Make it a good one! 

Christie Nichols

Health Coach and Essential Oil Educator Mother of 2

It’s your time!

You’re ready to reclaim all that you are.  You are beautiful and energetic soul filled with wisdom, love and inspiration. I’m here to empower you, my sister, through this miraculous journey.

Take my hand and join me for the Wise Woman Soul Renewal!