Sister, Sister come to hear the call.
Sister, sister here to heal them all.
Sister, sister I am here for you.
Sister, sister to help guide you through.

Sister, sister drop your cloak of fears.
Sister, sister remove your mask of tears.
Sister, sister bring your superpowers.
Sister, sister now is the hour.


Let’s reclaim your power; your spirit, your soul, your body and that inner fire.
You’ve come here to give your soul a voice and to step up into your Wise Woman Leadership role.

Unify all the pieces of you for alignment of heart and mind and body. This unity brings inner peace, doors of opportunity and the energy to create the life you want. Without this unity nothing will change. Join me to begin your journey into your full power today.

Reclamation starts RIGHT NOW! Drop your burdens here at the door.

If you’re READY to show up as you truly are, stop hiding, get all your sacred parts to work together and create an unshakable foundation and dynamic creative energy, I have a few options for you:

Wise Woman Virtual Caravan + Subscription Box


Wise Woman Caravan – A company of Wise Woman travelers on a journey; traveling the road of personal transformation and walking each other home.

This special monthly opportunity, is the manifestation of the intention to bring our circle together in real time to commune, share and grow together. We will have a powerful online call with our sisters to meditate, sing, recharge and raise our vibrations as a collective. We will have guests instructors, teachers and visionaries and will also have special pop up caravans for special astrological events.

Plus, you will receive a new box of intuitively picked Wise Woman goodies every month delivered directly to your doorstep to help you bring the energy of the virtual caravan into your everyday practice and lives. Even healers need healing and a powerful space to recharge and re-energize our life force.

Wise Woman Soul Renewal


This is my most personal and intimate package. It’s a 6 month, energetic and practical program designed to help you transition from the limits and blocks of this 3D material plain and transcend into the higher dimensions where your divine gifts and talents reside.

I work with women, just like you, who want to lead in the spiritual awakening movement. I help them completely release any blocks holding them back, fully tune into their divine superpowers, get total clarity on what they want in their life and how to get it and how to fully step into their Wise Woman leadership role and I’m completely committed to helping you manifest your desired results immediately!

This program has group elements and individual elements so we can really reach the deepest levels of inner growth, the heights of our superpowers and continue to foster the re-commitment to the Wise Woman way of life through community. My mission is to guide you into your very own flow; to be ONE with Source and the Universe and leave the struggle and the fight behind forever!

Wise Woman Essential Oils

I’ve been in the wellness industry for over 20 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of women in their health concerns and goals and it all comes down to self love and self care.

My experience with essential oils transformed my life and my own self love and self care practices. The benefits this little miracles bring to our lives is so expansive. I see it in every area; my spiritual life, my emotional health, my business, my family’s physical and emotional health and even the awesome people I meet on a daily basis who are impacted just by walking past me and smelling the essential oils and received the aromatherapy effects. It uplifts everything I come into contact with and the power of this connection is palpable. The sparkle in their eyes as the tiny particles reach their senses.

Ready to experience this for yourself?

Are you ready to get a self care practice that is unwavering and a completely solid foundation?

This this program is the one for you!

Wise Woman Essential Oil Business Coaching

With 20 years in the health and wellness field, I’ve  worked closely with other wellness professionals including gym/studio owners, holistic physicians and bodywork therapists.  I know the mindsets and struggles of your clients.

Are you in the wellness niche and committed to the conscious awakening of the world through holistic health care and self care practices?

Are you committed to serving your clients at a deeper level?

Are you READY to liberate yourself from the brick and mortar business model and finally create the lifestyle freedoms you thought your own business was going to give you?

If you answered yes, then this is the program for you!


When I found Tracey, I was dealing with adrenal fatigue, was perimenopausal and was drowning in self-pity and overwhelm. I felt dead inside and I hated myself. During our time together, I gained a new outlook on life, became confident trusting my intuition and began living in abundance instead thinking life was out to get me. I was able to open myself up and be vulnerable. I began showing up in life the way I wanted to. I’m having fun and going to dinner with friends again, I’m learning to take care of and love my body. The BEST gift Tracey has given me are the changes I am seeing in my children, because of the changes in myself. Now I have hope. I see things much clearer and I’ve even started my own blog. Tracey opened the door to a world I never knew existed for me! 

Samantha Hatcher

CEO of, mother of 6

There are two elements of Tracey’s life coaching that I especially appreciated: personal connection and the coaching around finances.  Tracey continually checked in with me and tailored activities to my own needs. I felt like I was receiving instruction from a trusted mentor and that instruction within relationship made all the difference!

Finances is an area of need that I was previously unaware of and Tracey’s coaching really supported me in tackling a tax issue we had as well as being more conscious and involved with the family finances. This alone will have life-long positive financial implications for my family and I. 

Jennifer Young

Grad student and mother of 3

I originally started working with Tracey to finish a book I’d been working on and launch my dreams of being a speaker. Tracey had me do some powerful exercises that aligned what I really wanted in my heart and soul and we found that it didn’t match up with what I thought I wanted. She helped me nail down what I really wanted; financial stability and a meaningful relationship. We also realized I’m fulfilled when I do home staging and organizing for people. With Tracey’s guidance, I got out of debt, got a marketing plan together for my home staging business and am learning to draw the relationship I want to me instead of chasing it. After every session with Tracey I feel super empowered and have a set plan of intentions and action steps. 

Rose Owens

Former Landmark Forum Leader, Home Staging and Organization Expert

I have always had a fear of charging what I’m worth for my services. Tracey’s coaching helped me embrace that I am very talented and capable. I have gained confidence knowing that others value my abilities and I am worthy of receiving a fair wage for my services. I now feel that I can do whatever I decide to do and accomplish all my goals. She’s always very positive and upbeat. There is a fine line between pushing and supporting and I think Tracey balances that ratio well. 

Susan Watters

The Angel Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Essential Oil Educator

When I started with Tracey over 7 years ago, I was actually a client in her gym. was one of the hardest steps I've ever willingly taken at that time. I was ashamed, embarrassed and depressed. My motto for a very long time was "Life is A Bitch - Then you Die!"  The negative ALWAYS came first and I never saw the good in my life.

Tracey talked to me about "my power" and I've recently realized just what exactly that is.  And I'm getting it back!  It's a hard pill to swallow to realize this at 50; that it has taken me this long.  I realized, I gave all my power away by allowing others to make choices for me, always trying to please others, and avoiding a conflict by giving in. I have come to realize all that does not matter!  Tracey has helped me realize when people lie, criticize, judge or 'lash out' at me that it's really not me they are doing this to. It's the other person struggling with their own problems.  Stop doing things so others will be happy - do what makes me happy!  Just be yourself people will either want to be around you or will not have nothing to do with you.  And that is OK!

I will be forever grateful for all Tracey has given me.  She made me feel powerful again.  Life IS worth living.  Life isn't about getting to the end it's about the journey.  Make it a good one! 

Christie Nichols

Health Coach and Essential Oil Educator Mother of 2